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Our Process

Brian Darnell Design-Build Construction Group Process

Building and renovating homes is our business and Brian Darnell understands that it’s personal for you. Darnell Construction is a customer-focused design-build firm, so Brian thinks about what he can do to make his clients happy and give them the best possible experience during the entire Design-Build process.

  1. You have an idea or vision

    Give Brian Darnell a call at (636) 928-4002 and he will answer any questions you may have, and to schedule your first appointment.

  2. Complimentary consultation with design consultant

    This is when we start to get to know each other. This is a complimentary consultation to introduce you to our company, to answer any of your questions, and for Brian Darnell to see what your project entails. We want to learn about your ideas and vision and the budget you would like to work with. As we listen to you communicate your needs and vision, we will begin evaluating solutions that may be best for you and discuss realistic budget expectations.

  3. Design planning & estimates

    This is when we review the design agreement and an appropriate design fee is determined to start this phase. The design fee will eventually be credited directly toward your project. During this phase, preliminary estimates are discussed to help us hone the design to accommodate your budget. Next, Brian combines your hopes and dreams with his experience to create the preliminary plans.

  4. Design presentation

    During the design presentation you will see how your custom preliminary plans address your needs and vision. The floor plans and elevations that are drawn will help you visualize and understand the project, while the specifications will provide a complete cost analysis of the proposed plan. At this point, Brian will make any necessary revisions to the plans based on your feedback. After final changes have been made to the plans and you have given a final approval, we then move onto the next phase of the project.

  5. Construction agreement

    The construction agreement defines the scope and character of the project, the projected start and completion dates are mapped out, payment schedule, approved specifications, and drawings are prepared and become the basis of the construction agreement. Permit drawings are also prepared and submitted to the appropriate municipal building department.  Brian Darnell is now ready to start construction on your project and turn your needs and vision into a reality.

  6. Construction

    Brian Darnell will manage your project from start to finish.  Consideration is given to your needs and lifestyle during the course of construction.  If this is a remodeling project, areas not remodeled are protected to reduce dust intrusion until the project is completed.

Give Brian Darnell a call at (636) 928-4002 and he will answer any questions you may have, and to schedule your first appointment.

Brian Darnell Design-Build Construction Group Process