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What is Design-Build?

What is Design-Build?

In a nut shell, Design-Build is a one-stop shop for homeowners to have their project designed and constructed by one company. This contrasts with the traditional Design-bid-build approach, as the homeowner would hire an independent architect to design their project, bids are received from several contractors and the contractor the homeowner chooses builds the project.


Pitfalls of the traditional design-bid-build process

With the traditional Design-Bid-Build process, after receiving bids from contractors, the homeowner may find that the project is more than their budget. This leads to the owner paying the architect again for a redesign in hope of finding a price within their budget. This pitfall can be avoided with the Design-Build process.


The Design-Build benefits

Our simple process focuses on the clients needs and vision, to provide quality service, and to save time and money for our client.

With the Design-Build process:

  • our client knows how much the total project will cost and this is established early in the process.
  • our client is given a guaranteed maximum price that is within their budget.
  • our clients won’t have to worry about change orders after construction begins unless the original scope of work has changed or concealed conditions are discovered during construction.
  • the project is client focused and relationship driven versus document driven.
  • our team works together to have common objectives and goals.
  • chances for misunderstandings are reduced.
  • quality and time is maximized because subcontractors are pre-qualified.
  • time can be saved because construction can begin as the design is being completed.
  • our clients are given a realistic completion date.

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